Becoming A Session Girl

“ do wrestling and fitness related fetishes now? Won’t you get hurt?! Aren’t you scared of the guys?! What if creeps contact you?!” And the list goes on and on…

I have been familiar with fetish wrestling now for about six years but never really knew enough about the niche until a few months ago to make a logical decision to go for it. One of my dear friends and fellow session girl, Sapphire, who regularly wrestles for a well known organization in Atlanta, GA has been trying to get me into for years, but I have never wanted to work for someone else. I prefer to control all aspects of my business from sessioner contact, video creation and distribution as well as booking and screening my own sessions. Furthermore, having clips of me being sold all over the internet is simply not my thing. With a dominant personality comes the need for complete control and if I am on the internet, I want it to be because I put myself there and not someone else.

The fetish wrestling community seems to be a very small, tight community of men and women who enjoy the physicality of the niche. The men are held captive by the muscularity and strength of the women involved. They worship the dedication that it takes to get the granite chiseled bodies that many of the women have. There are also women who are “above average” in fitness (I currently fall in this category) who are still very feminine in form, with average or close to average bodyfat percentages who offer “fantasy wrestling” and a menu of various fetishes that revolve around wrestling.

I’m sitting at home and receive a text from a female bodybuilder friend of mine…

“I will be out of the country for the next month but I was wondering if I could refer my clients to you?”

I did not know what she meant by that until I had my first two sessions as I primarily offered fetish and femdom but figured it was more of the same since I knew there was a great deal of overlap in what we offered to our suitors. I am now happily a session girl!

Grapple up and Bring it on!

To put it bluntly: I fucking love this shit! I have always been athletic. I ran track throughout high school and college and have continued to weight lift in the gym. I took seven months off from serious training in the gym due to an injury to my left hip flexor in 2016 while squatting and I was also a student researcher in a lab that sucked up huge amounts of my time (I slept there twice a week). I’m all healed up now and as of January 2017 I am back in the gym and now learning everything I can about the fascinating world of mixed fetish wrestling.

Krav Maga

I take everything I do seriously and this is no different. I have been taking Krav Maga for three weeks (videos coming soon) and have a regular sparring partner for wrestling moves as well. I get so many requests for competitive wrestling and I would love to take you guys (and girls) on but I want to make sure that I am a worthy opponent and that your time is well spent and is fun.

Well, that is all for now but welcome to my new home on the web. I hope to make this website fun and lively with discussions and videos and I look forward to meeting new friends and getting a few bumps and bruises!

Grapple up!

Pandora Payne

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